Brand Rep Agreement

Brand Rep Agreement

By becoming an Infinity Beauty & Designs Brand Rep, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Contract Period
This contract shall go into effect upon signing and end three months later, unless extended by mutual agreement.

Brand Rep Shall:
- Have a public and active Instagram account.
- Show support and enthusiasm for Infinity Beauty & Designs products via photos and comments posted on social media.

Help share our announcements & posts (sales, news, giveaways, launches etc).
- Email a minimum of 2 high-quality images weekly to Images 
need to be clear, crisp and showing true colour. Images may not have watermarks. 
- Post a minimum of 1 photo to your feed & story weekly and tag us using @infinitybeautyanddesigns. Please post these during a high traffic time for your account. 

​​Brand Rep Will Receive:
- 3 FREE products, one each month of our choice (your personalisation where required)
- 30% discount on our entire range valid for as long as you are part of our team of Brand Reps.
- 10% discount for Friends & Family

End Contract
Infinity Beauty & Designs may cancel this contract at any time if Brand Rep does not abide by all terms and conditions.  Upon the cancellation of your contract, Brand Rep will be invoiced for the products received. Full payment is expected within 7 days of receiving the invoice. If this is not paid, further action will be undertaken.
We understand that life gets in the way so we ask that you tell us if you are unable to meet your commitment for any reason. Communication is key and we need to know when you are unable to adhere to these so we can work with you for a resolution. 

Infinity Beauty & Designs reserves the right to use all submitted photographs and videos on its social media accounts, website, Etsy listings, other marketing materials, and product packaging.